Public Speaking-How To Become a Better Public Speaker

Becoming a better public speaker is the aspiration of many people. Most people would love to be able to address an audience and share their thoughts but fear that they will not be very successful at it.

Public speaking is likely the least favorite thing for people to do but you can easily become a better public speaker fi you have the right tools. Becoming a better public speaker takes:

  •  The right skills
  • Practice
  • Determination
  • A sense of humor


Having the right skill set can easily help you in becoming a better public speaker. For some people getting up in a crowd and speaking comes naturally but even those that find it a very natural place to be still get nervous when it is time to speak.

Learning the skill set to help you overcome your fear and hesitation will go a long way in making you a better public speaker.


Part of the skill set that you need to learn is to prepare, practice and be determined that you will be able to deliver your speech without a hitch. Preparation is key. Write down what you are going to say, than practice it in front of the mirror. Practice in front of friends. Practice in front of family. Practice in front of the dog. You get the idea. Practice makes perfect.


Being determined can help you to successfully deliver your speech in front of a large audience. Becoming a better public speaker may take effort but it is well worth the effort. Being able to share your thoughts and persuade people is a very powerful attribute that you want to be able to utilize.


Anyone can be a great public speaker with some practice and dedication.  Commit to education and self development and be authentic.

Keep In Mind


The ability to laugh at yourself can go a long way in public speaking. Being able to keep moving forward even after you make a mistake really depends on having a sense of humor. If you can just laugh at yourself and move forward no one will even remember that you made a mistake.


Also keep in mind that no one likes to speak publicly so everyone in your audience understands what it feels like to be in the hot seat and will be understanding if you should stumble over a few words.


Stay calm be well prepared and just blow off any mistakes and keep moving forward. It is not as hard as it looks!